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Diamondswiss Beauty Queen "Diamond"

Diamond is a stunning example of when things go right in breeding!  Out of a litter of 10 where 8 were girls, she is the one that stayed. 

Right from the start, this little girl never got herself messy when learning to eat.  She sat curiously patient while I gently trimmed her nails (while her siblings all complained terribly).  Bathing and blowdrying was no concern.  It was like she new she was destined to be on show.  So Beauty Queen became her pedigree name.

I decided to call her Diamond because she is beautiful, precious and strong.  Diamond, like many of her siblings, has the most outgoing nature.  Everyone new is greeting with her kisses and a tail that wags her whole back end.  Her friendly exuberance is contagious. 

In her first 3 shows she won 2 Best Minor Puppy in Group!

HIP SCORES:         Too early

ELBOW SCORES:  Too early

DM:                          CLEAR

MDR1:                     CLEAR 

Diamond above and below at 7 months