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FAQ's regarding Diamondswiss puppies

Before reading any further ask yourself this question:

Am I prepared to take my puppy to puppy school and then spend at least 12 months at my local obedience club to ensure it is adequately trained and socialised?  If your answer is no, my puppy is not for you.

How much do the puppies cost?

Diamondswiss puppies cost $2500 for a puppy registered on the ANKC  "limited" registered (pet homes) and must be desexed between 12-18 months.

Show quality puppies cost $3000 and are registered on the ANKC main register (non breeding).

What do I expect with a Diamondswiss puppy?

Even before a pregnancy has been announced, we have carefully selected, what we hope will be, a perfect match for our girl.  Both parents must be DNA tested and have acceptable hip and elbow scores before being accepted into our breeding program.  For me, it is not about having frequent litters or making money from selling puppies.  It is about breeding the best quality, healthy and sound pups that I possibly can.

Your puppy has been nurtured and living inside our home with our other cats and dogs until it reaches around 6 weeks of age.  Then during the day, if it is nice weather, the puppies are allowed to run and play inside our purposely built climate controlled safe puppy house and yard.  Only their mum has access to this area!

Our Guarantee

Diamondswiss puppies come with a contract.  Even those sold as pets!

This contract ensures us that you are going to provide a fantastic home for one of our pups, pups that I lovingly brought into this world and raised and loved for the first 8 weeks.  It also gives you our written guarantee against hip and elbow dyslasia and we will also take your puppy back if there are any problems or your circumstances change.

Diamondswiss puppies also come with pet insurance cover for the first 6 weeks covering sickness and accidents to $3000.

How do I get on the list for a puppy?

I have many inquiries about puppies.  My girls are stunning and I can't take them anywhere without people asking what they are and if I am breeding more.  If you are interested in a Diamondswiss puppy, please contact me for a puppy questionnaire and I will happily place you on a waiting list to be contacted in the future when a litter is due to see if you are still interested.