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Australian Champion Rosamontana Belle of Berlin "Khaleesi"

Khaleesi at Bulla after achieving her final points to be an Australian Champion on 9th October 2016.

"Khaleesi" - Rosamontana Belle of Berlin was bred by Sharon and George Muller in Western Australia.  When I first saw this litter announced, I was instantly taken by the beauty of both her parents and although I had no intention of adding to my
"family" at that time, I am so glad I did!  Khaleesi and Summer both share the same father  and it seemed the instant that they met, these half sisters became best friends.


Khaleesi was outgoing and loved everyone right from the start.  To me, she is the perfect show dog!!!  I am so grateful that Sharon and George sent me such an amazing dog.  Her accomplishments in a relatively short show career so far, clearly speak for itself with Mr Maurice Chapman, who judged her at Bendigo, remarking that she is exactly what the breed standard asks for.

But apart from being the perfect show dog, Khaleesi is beautiful inside and out.  She is such a friendly loving girl and everyone that meets her is instantly hooked by her affectionate nature.  And she is the very sweetest "aunty" to Summer's recent litter of pups, showing an amazingly patient and loving attitude to the little ones.  (If only she would stop rolling in the mud!)



HEIGHT:              58cms

HIP SCORES:        1/1 (International Grade A)


DM:                      CLEAR

MDR1:                   CLEAR 

Khaleesi at 8 weeks

Khaleesi won Best of Breed and Best Minor Puppy in Group 5 at Bulla under Mrs Pamela Brown (Qld) at her very first show!!!
Khaleesi won Best of Breed and Best Minor Puppy in Group 5 at Colac under Mrs Carole Doherty at her second show!!!