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Soverenpark Dandelion "Lola"

Lola was the 2nd pup born out of 9 pups.  This was the litter I bred with Summer to fulfil my requirements as co-owner of Summer and the final step to owning her outright.  I had no intention of keeping a pup!!!  That all changed when Lola started following me around and giving me endless kisses (which she still does)!

Lola closely resembles her mother at the same age and like Summer, is closely bonded to me.  She loves Khaleesi and spends every morning rolling around the yard with her until they are both filthy!

Lola has only just started her show career and is still finding her confidence.  I can see she is going to mature into a stunningly beautiful girl.  She already has the sweetest disposition.

HIP SCORES:         1/1 (International Grade A)


DM:                          CLEAR

MDR1:                     CLEAR