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Diamondswiss Batman (AI)

Oberon above winning best Baby Puppy Male at the Royal Melbourne Show and Best Baby Puppy of Breed at the White Swiss Speciality & Open Shows 2017.  Beautifully handled by co-owner Helen.
Below left at 6 weeks, right at 8 weeks.

Almost from the very moment I met this little man, I fell in love with him.  At 2 weeks he was charging around the whelping box with a purpose, way ahead of his siblings.  At that moment, he became "Batman", a little man on a mission.  He seems to be a lovely combination of both his parents, although I have been told he does look like his father!

I am so very happy to have found a wonderful home local to me where Diamondswiss Batman (now known as Oberon) will live in co-ownership between me, Peggy and her daughter Helen.  Oberon's new home is more than I could have hoped for as they currently show their Australian Shepherd and do weekly obedience training with their dogs.

I am hopeful this beautiful dog will be the start of something big for Diamondswiss Kennels. 

DATE OF BIRTH:   10/04/2017

HEIGHT:                 Growing

HIPS:                       Too Young

ELBOWS:               Too Young

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