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Australian Champion Soverenpark Aislynn "Summer"

Australian Champion Soverenpark Aislynn "Summer" at KCC Park after obtaining her title.

What is there to say about "Summer"?  Well she is beauty and brains and perfection;

Beauty:  Summer has won many Best of Breed and several Group awards at dog shows.  On 4th July 2015 Summer gained her title of Australian Champion!

Brains:  Summer is a working dog breed right from a young pup I couldn't get over how easy she was to train.  She is extremely loyal and protective of me. Strangers that arrive onto the property are met with a barking dog who circles them to ensure they stay put!  As soon as I tell her it's "ok", she is happy to go about her business but always keeping a watchful eye!   This girl only has eyes for me, and I swear her adoring eyes look straight into my soul.

Perfection: Summer carries none of the inheritable diseases that can occur in this breed.  In addition, her hip and elbow scores came back with zero faults! 


HEIGHT:                  61 CMS

HIP SCORES:         0/0 (International Grade A+)


DM:                         CLEAR

MDR1:                    CLEAR