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The Boys

Bianco Sarj

13/09/2003 - 08/04/2017

On 8th April my beautiful Sarj died peacefully in my arms.  Sarj was loyal, intelligent and impacted everyone that knew him.  He cemented my love for white shepherds over 13 years ago.  He was with me when I was single, before I knew my husband and was truly my best friend.  He had the most beautiful nature (and could shed more hair than I ever could conceive possible)!  Sarj has been laid to rest under the trees at the front of our property.  This is a peaceful place, away from the horse activities, and where I plan to sit when I need some quiet time.

Sarj, you were loved completely and will never be forgotten.

Sarj,  is not a White Swiss!  He is a white German Shepherd.  Born 13/09/03 and the reason I now have a house filled with white dogs and white hair on all my clothes!!

Sarj has been medicated daily for epilepsy since he was around 12 months old and was desexed after the diagnosis.  His soundness even as an old 13 1/2 year old dog attests to the benefits of hip and elbow x-raying.  His results were excellent! 

We are now facing the very sad diagnosis of Squamous Cell Carcenoma in his tonsil and he has a tumour under the ear.  His remaining time is being filled with roast chicken dinners and walks around the farm followed by many, many kisses from me and his "girls".